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if you’re going to have a tag called “libraries”…

September 10, 2006


…then I suppose one has to post this sort of library porn douce when it falls into your e-lap. besides, it’s kind of nice to imagine old karl (see impressive, hard-won beard on display in previous posting) ferretting out the inner contractions of capitalism during the endless days and nights in the reading room. selon engels, “later he withdrew into the British Museum and worked through the immense and as yet for the most part unexamined library there for all that it contained on political economy.”

pictures of impressive libraries


truly, a great read

September 9, 2006

marx.giftake the time for this one, though it won’t require overmuch. vintage tony judt, and for those of you who’ve been following along, this time perhaps offering a slightly more balanced appraisal of the foibles of the left. (can i say “our” left? we all are on the same side here, n’est-ce pas?) deeply informed intellectual history, superbly written – agile, lively, considered, all of that. a fair bit to say too about that old question of “where are we today?”